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Welcome to all things done just a Lil Bit Different,

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

The Slow Philosophy

Take a moment, stop and consider.....

Lil Bit Different is a result of a slow philosophy aka "The Slow Philosophy" and embracing this as a gentle influence, on every part of your life: from your wellbeing, lifestyle and the way you interpret your world, has many positive long term benefits to you.

In embracing all things which are a lil bit different, you can appreciate the connection between your own self beliefs, self talk, wants and needs. This can influence us everyday in every way from what you buy and the impact it has on yourself, your home, the environment and supporting other’s craftsmanship and values.

Its cliche, but taking time for something different from our busy at times schedualed, lives, be it to from our work, family and life. Is hard to justify at times to the world we live in. To attend to our own inner well being can feel foreign or even impossible at times. Taking small moments in time for yourself. Reinventing yourself, you world including your career, lifestyles is a very powerfu and liberating l life changing thing, we all can do. And to do it a lil bit differently is the best way to go in my opinion.


Reinvent, Recycle, Reuse, Restore Renovate, Repair, Rewind, Reclaim... there's probably more but you get my point.

Having realistic expectations of your self (something I guess we all have struggled with in varying degrees and successes), adds meaning g and substance to your life. Yet in order to be kind to ourselves, we do need to slow down, take stock and know there are many strengths we have.

Challenging as it can be, being able to reassess and reflect on different ways in which, you can contribute meaningfully to your family and community. I hope to inspire, encourage and promote with you, ways to take step out of the fast lane, step back and slow it all down.

Upon finding myself differently abled, the founding of Lil Bit Different , was almost a natural evolution, blending of the things I love the best.

Welcome to a place where I am proud to provide beautifully up-cycled designer items and art works, share with you about the things I love and believe in.

Aroha .


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